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What is InoX EnIgMa?

InoX EnIgMa is an advanced IRC bot writen in Java. It features a userlist, public commands and superb speed. It's actively
developed and every week a new version is out with more commands, more abilities and more stability. The fact that it's a java
written program ensures the compatibility with a wide range of operating systems
. At this point Linux, Windows and Solaris have been tested and working flowless.

For Bug reports, support requests and anything else visit the sourceforge page


Just as open source. Possibly later with the GPL license. I've got no time right now for legal stuff and a better homepage(as you can see)


20 - 4 - 2002:  I'm looking for people with interest to help me in every way they can. Just send me an email.
20 - 4 - 2002: 
Found a minor bug with the part command.
                         Already fixed and a small hack is coming as 0.2.7. Or maybe you wait for the 0.2.8...
19 - 4 - 2002:  Inox version 0.2.6 released. Many more new stuff bug fixes and speed improvements. Read more...

16 - 4 - 2002:  Inox version 0.2.5 released. For version changes please read the release notes.



Please use the sourceforge page for downloading. Always download the latest version. The others are only for history and comparison tests.

Contact : Programmer 

Copyright (c) Alexander Lagos 2002